At Horizon Watches Co, we are proud to partner with the following brands, offering industry leading prices direct from manufacturers:


Offering a huge range of style, Lige is a quality focused manufacturer offering some of the finest timepieces on the market. Our Lige range has been carefully selected to introduce both modern and classic styled timepieces, with a broad range of colour variants to suit any style.

Pagani Design

Committed to constant research and design, Pagani Design offer beautiful timepieces with amazing technology within their intricate details. Our Pagani Design range features swiss branded movements from Seiko along with Seagull technology - the largest producer of mechanical watch movements in the world.


With quality and innovation in design as their forefront, Megir offer a modern range of timepieces with a sporting heritage. Our stunning range of Megir timepieces feature bold colours and striking designs to suit any style, with full functionality of chronographs, tachymeters and date counters.


Beginning in 1985, Nibosi has been an industry leader in design and quality for over 35 years. Our Nibosi range features unique styles and a stunning collection of modern designs.